Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rich Robinson - Stubb's BBQ (Indoor) - Austin, TX 11/02/2011

So I left work early on Wednesday and grabbed a chunk of road on my BMW R1200GSA. I totally missed the Austin rush hour traffic, which is always a bonus. Checked into the Hotel San Jose and walked into a super comfy suite. Gotta love the surprise/complimentary room upgrade! Great start to the night.

Stubb's indoor is tiny! It reminded me of the Prophet Bar in Dallas, so I had some early ideas on how to set up my recording gear. Quick update from my last post on C3/Frontgate and that whole network -- I have completely changed my opinion about them .. they are punks. On to the magical part of the evening! I met a couple of new friends and set up my rig. We drank some beer, told some stories, and had some laughs. Showtime!

Damn, it was good to see Rich! Solid accompanying band with the highlights coming from the bassist and drummer..and they all were rockin'!! Rich's set up was hot with some great tone coming out of the Reason amp. I hung a couple of large diaphragm microphones from the second floor and soaked it all up.

Awesome mid week show .. Thank You Rich Robinson!