Sunday, September 2, 2012

Phish - Dicks Sporting Goods Park - Commerce City, CO 09/01/2012

Quick slingshot run up to Colorado and back.  Phish my friends!  Nice visit with family!!  Got there early and in time for sound check (Long Cool Woman Jam, Uncle Pen) - Oh yeah.  The lot had a huge green space with comfortable turf grass.  We had some time to relax, enjoy the cooler Colorado weather, and share some laughs.  Is there any other way to live life on a Saturday night?   Everyone was excited for a 3 day run going into the weekend.

Gates are open let's go get close .. was the thinking.  We had an easy stroll through and were on the floor in no time.  I grabbed a Newcastle on the way down and was starting to get curious about how the place is going to fill up.  Andrea's first show!  We were standing house center, in between the soundboard and stage.  Looking around from our vantage point I couldn't help but feel the crowd energy loosening up.  The sun goes down, the lights go out, and they open with Run Like an Antelope.  Everyone goes wild with a burst of adrenaline.  "Set the gearshift for the high gear of your soul!"  Great first set!!  The crowd was energetic.  The band was committed .. they weren't mailing it in tonight!

We found some seats on the second row (house right), coincidentally by Keith 'Scramble' Campbell .. what a nice show bonus.  We were able to see his "live and in concert" painting during the second set.  That was awesome.  The set opener was Golden Age, a TV On The Radio cover.  Very cool start!  The jams they played during light were great to hear ..  It was a solid second set indeed. The band definitely had their classic presence, and the crowd responded like there was no tomorrow.  What a great start to a long Labor Day weekend!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Justin Fun Day - Justin Community Park - Justin, TX, 06/02/2012

Perfect timing I'd say!  The Justin Community Park is rich with culture and a great place to have a small town festival.  The park currently has an open field that can accommodate a variety of activities.  For years, Justin fun days has been a event filled community get together.  This year the City of Justin threw down some rock and roll / country music, mixed in pro bull riding, a ton of activities for kids, and got some good - old fashioned family fun.  We had a great time, and were happy to see Justin shine again !

Monday, May 7, 2012

Alison Krauss & Union Station - Verizon Theater - Grand Prairie, TX, 05/05/2012

Aye Aye Aye .. Alison Krauss Cinco de Mayo Concert.  All American Bluegrass-Country singer, fiddle player, and songwriter - Yeah!  What a show, and the Verizon Theater sound continues to deliver.  I've seen Primus, Sevendust, Death Cab, and now Alison Krauss & Union Station there .. which was quite refreshing to hear such clarity coming out of a large room.  The theater had the upper deck curtain down so it really made the room sound much smaller than it was.

You can't beat Jerry Douglas on the dobro, it just can't be done!  He is so good.  Imagine that mixed in with some old style bluegrass harmonies, and man you've got some music that you can really feel.  Alison is so smooth as well.  The Union Station had some excellent guitar, banjo, and upright bass working too.  Outstanding show and it was great to hear some bluegrass again!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Drew Phelps Group - Denton Arts and Jazz Festival - Denton, TX 04/28/2012

It's The Denton Arts and Jazz Festival weekend .. I went to go check out what the Drew Phelps Group were doing.  As a huge fan of the Black Dog sessions he's always playing to the hometown crowd at the festival.  And Drew is solid.  Had a great time enjoying the music.  The day was a little windy for a festival recording (the wind screens would have been working overtime).  Denton has a lot to offer the music fan.  The festival did a great job attracting some quality artists as well.  Had a blast!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rich Robinson - Stubb's BBQ (Indoor) - Austin, TX 11/02/2011

So I left work early on Wednesday and grabbed a chunk of road on my BMW R1200GSA. I totally missed the Austin rush hour traffic, which is always a bonus. Checked into the Hotel San Jose and walked into a super comfy suite. Gotta love the surprise/complimentary room upgrade! Great start to the night.

Stubb's indoor is tiny! It reminded me of the Prophet Bar in Dallas, so I had some early ideas on how to set up my recording gear. Quick update from my last post on C3/Frontgate and that whole network -- I have completely changed my opinion about them .. they are punks. On to the magical part of the evening! I met a couple of new friends and set up my rig. We drank some beer, told some stories, and had some laughs. Showtime!

Damn, it was good to see Rich! Solid accompanying band with the highlights coming from the bassist and drummer..and they all were rockin'!! Rich's set up was hot with some great tone coming out of the Reason amp. I hung a couple of large diaphragm microphones from the second floor and soaked it all up.

Awesome mid week show .. Thank You Rich Robinson!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Austin City Limits Music Festival - September 16-18, 2011 - Zilker Park

Wow .. such a great local festival. C3 does it up with Friday, Saturday, & Sunday of non stop action. So the lowdown. Thursday I packed my moto with festival gear, got the hell outta dodge, (shout out to my hometown friend KT) and headed southbound. Some straight up cold chillin' with some good friends during the night time.

Friday morning I pulled a sling shot to Flipnotics and landed early at Zilker Park to catch some of the soundchecks.. Great, great venue, Zilker Park baby! Futurebirds, Asleep at the Wheel, Wild Beasts, and just a rockin' afternoon with some great cloud cover to blow out that Texas heat. What happens when Beardyman shaves? Bright Eyes and Pretty Lights .. get ya some of that. Topped it off with some KW through the mix and an amazing moto ride home into the cool air. Awesome day with friends!!

Saturday morning came with the cooler temperatures and the first surprise of the day .. Elizaveta. Federico Aubele, Telekinesis, Young the Giant, Black Dub. Good solid bluegrass from Alison Krauss & Union Station w/ Jerry Douglas on dobro. Great bluegrass show with a light rain tightening down the acoustics. Amazing!! Solid Skrillex performance and another chill to the air moto ride home. Watched some college football and caught Saturday Night Live to end a fantastic day.

Sunday morning I met some friends for an old school Magnolia Cafe brunch and grabbed some road home. (By the way, the electronic suspension control on my moto is bad ass) I hope my friends had a great day at festival today. What a weekend!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Chris Robinson Brotherhood - The Gypsy Tea Room - Dallas, TX 08/25/2011

With the hiatus of the Black Crowes last year, it was nice to see Chris again. Originally the show was scheduled for the Prophet Bar (great small intimate venue), but quickly spilled into the Gypsy Tea Room..which is the bigger music room in the same building. Being in Deep Ellum, I had to kick it off with an Angry Dog burger and some Newcastle Brown Ale.

The band is Chris Robinson (guitar/vocals), Adam MacDougall (of the Black Crowes on keyboards/vocals), George Sluppick (drums), Mark "Muddy" Dutton (of Burning Tree on bass/vocals), and Neal Casal (guitar/vocals).

These guys flat out jammed - very cool show!! They had some original material with old school blues and jam tunes mixed in. Killer slide guitar and super groovy keys. The recording came out clean, and it was a great vibe to a Thursday night show!!